An accountable and democratic independent Union founded to address the issues affecting all our colleagues and to meet the aspirations of all those working in the rail  industry.

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A  Rail Revolution


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Representing members, their families and the  rail community

The union is built upon the building blocks of strong determined individuals from a broad section of the rail industry who work together to create a vision.

It is a union built by people, for the people. It is a construct of families and communities, a structure that rejects the cloak of pretence by taking on the challenges which face each and every one of us in our own daily lives.

It is not about one individual but a multitude who labour behind the scenes working tirelessly without any recognition, not just for the  rail community but for real people and their families. It is a community of honest people who believes, not in some ideology, but a genuine belief in social values.

Regional Organisers and local representatives remain committed to providing a human face to representation. Such people put themselves forward without any reward or recognition, so occasionally we need to recognise the sacrifices they give and say thank you. There are far too many to mention here but they know who they are and the words of thanks are put to them.

This is what the ATCU is about. It is about people who join, not because they are forced to, but because they want to. It is about real people ignoring those who ramble on about some ideological rhetoric when quite frankly those who spout such, have no concept of what they are talking about. It is a union that sees the future and that future is one union.

ATCU is not about separation, it is about coming together under one definable rail union as ‘one union with one voice.’ It will happen because it has to happen. The world is changing and we can only face those challenges together under a common identity. Of course

there will be obstacles but they will be of our own making with the primary obstacle to one union is our own resistance to change, and it is only the workers who can make it a reality, the very people who are at the forefront of this great industry.

ATCU is about members who instinctively know what social values and justice are; that all children are cared for and they have every opportunity in life; about looking after our sick and elderly and caring for the unfortunates. It is about natural justice for all and in the rail industry it is about real people coming together as a community.  

The rail community is you and us; respecting one another and coming to the defence of each and every one of us. Throughout the country there are thousands upon thousands of people like you looking at the ATCU and are waiting to join this union. Alongside that is a tiny amount that disparage but they have failed to dent our resolve because we are strong enough to believe in ourselves, because we respect ourselves and are professional in what we do.