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Social Networking

reported to them, they will follow up and investigate further.)

Employers take the images and information that employees are portraying on social networking sites very seriously as a reflection of personal character and the company’s image.

 How to Stay Safe

Evaluate your social networking account and postings—how do you feel about your employers seeing what you have posted? What may seem mild banter can easily become an action for discipline.

Do not post anything that might be embarrassing to you at work or employment situation. People have been disciplined because of information found on social networking sites. It is therefore best not to discuss any issue concerning work or colleagues.

Utilise the "Privacy" settings on your Facebook account—you can adjust your privacy settings so as to control who has access to your personal information.

Be prepared to answer questions about your social networking page or other social account in job interviews or disciplines. It has become common for interviewers to ask applicants, "Are you on a social networking site?" and "What is on your profile?" Be prepared to either decline the question or answer honestly because employers will most likely look at your social networking account themselves… if they haven't already.

Twitter Warning!

Warning! Social networking sites can be harmful to your job.

Impact on Employment

One of the most popular social networking sites is Facebook which gives people a false sense of security and because of this we are increasingly seeing many members being brought before disciplinary hearings.

Employees are getting in trouble with companies for incriminating and inappropriate information or pictures on their social networking profiles that are violations of company policy or the code of conduct. (Note: Companies are not monitoring social networking sites; however, if information or pictures on an employee’s account that violate company policy are brought to their attention or are

Employees are being turned down by employers for jobs, interviews and promotions because of the information employers are finding out about people on their social networking accounts.

Compromising and inappropriate pictures, statements or other information on a person’s social networking account can hurt their chances to gain (or even be considered for) employment and advancement.