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Mobile Phones

Say no to mobile phones


Despite publicity of the dangers of using our mobile phones whilst driving on public highways, how often do we still see motorists or the van man texting and talking as they drive along? Such people are putting every other conscientious driver at risk. On the rail industry where people perform a safety critical role it is no different.

We need to take best practice to heart with regards to mobile phones and other electronic devices such as MP3 Players, iphone, IPods etc and try where possible to keep them away from the workplace.


Even if you are ‘Pay As You Go’ companies can still trace you and your usage; exact times it was used and if you have had an incident that endangers life, all avenues are explored. This includes modern devices such as iPods. The RAIB (Rail Accident Investigation Branch), HMRI and British Transport Police (BTP) all have the powers to get this information. You have precisely NO SAY in the matter. The activity of the phone will be looked at for the whole diagram and checked against your ‘Throttle Time’, as the modern expression is.


If it is on silent, it is still a distraction, as you will be tempted to check it at each stopping point to see if you have received any calls or text messages. No call or text is worth your career, your family security or ultimately, a life!

Turn off your phone while in the vehicle. Turn it on only when you exit and in a safe position to do so.