An accountable and democratic independent Union founded to address the issues affecting all our colleagues and to meet the aspirations of all those working in the rail  industry.

let your voice be your freedom

A  Rail Revolution


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No fancy pictures, no gimmicks, just good old traditional trade unionism looking after its members interests first and foremost.

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Real people coming together

Representing members, family and community, this can be your  local community or just as significant, the rail  community.

A union with a vast amount of knowledge and experience to draw upon with members working in a broad section of the rail industry.

A union that believes the  industry needs one union with one voice. We are not separatists, we believe in unity, the collective of all members supporting one another. An industry of family rail members.

The rail community experienced the anger of uncertainty when the  industry was carved up and splintered, but let us be assured, that is the industry – it is not the workforce, the workforce is still a whole. But to fully understand the whole and the strength that lies behind it paradoxically we need to change. In order for this to take place ATCU wants to remove the towers of selfishness, pretence and discrimination and lay new foundations of respect, self-esteem and pride with the one objective of working towards the benefit of each member and their family.

It is here that ATCU is attempting to return to a common  respect for one another, among friends and colleagues, to believe that we are a whole and not fragmented, that we are part of a community called the:


ATCU wants to create a  union that is more than just employee insurance. We want to return back to the true values of trade unionism, back to the basic values that makes a trade union respected by its members.

We do this through engaging members. We want to hear when we get it right but most important we want to know when we get it wrong. It is only through your voice, support, criticism and participation that we will become even stronger. You and the members are the ATCU, the driving force that makes us what we are.