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Who do we represent

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ATCU is a rail specific union who represents everyone associated with the rail industry because you are the rail industry and an integral part of the train crew

ATCU representatives will represent you in any company at all of the following:



Safety of the line incidents

Capability hearings

Personal injury



Employment tribunal

Health & Safety at work issues

Individual grievances

And any other non-collective issue


This list is not exhaustive and there will be other issues that we have not listed but we have the pleasure to inform you that we have been very successful in these areas with an outstanding proven record.




It has now just been over a year that you represented me at Freightliner for my slip up.

I am still working for Freightliner and am very grateful for your help and support at that time.

I am aware that we pay subs for  a union backing, but it does not detract from the time and effort you put in for me and saved my job.

As then it true now, I am very grateful to you and thank you very much once again.

Best wishes.


Dear Steve Gomersall and all at the ATCU,

Just a short note to say a very sincere thank you for all the support I have recently received from yourself and all others at ATCU. With regards to the recent issues I have had to contend with at what has been a very difficult time in my life the representation that I have received over the last two years could NOT have been surpassed by anyone else.

The individual challenges that we have had to contend with have not been simple issues but I can safely say that the depth of work that I have benefited from you over the last two years amounts to more than I ever received in the previous twenty years with any other organization.

Keep up the good work, my diary is a bargain



To whom this may concern,

It was around August 2010, I was at work, driving trains, when I received a distressed telephone call from our Son. He was apparently being evicted from his room at the YMCA were he had been living, the process had already begun as he had spent the last two nights sleeping rough in a car park. I was naturally concerned and worried and somewhat frustrated as I was fifty odd miles away in London and unable to do anything about it. I desperately needed to speak to the staff and, or Manager at the YMCA.

I first phoned Steve Trumm's phone, another gentleman answered and he was very calm and helpful suggesting I ring Dave Nixon at 9 o'clock. I admit to being a little reluctant as I didn’t want to bother the head office staff unduly. I did ring and I told Dave the story as I knew it. Dave listened intently before requesting the telephone numbers that he thought he may need and I carried on my driving duties. It wasn't long before Dave had spoken to the YMCA staff on my behalf. Dave was too modest to tell me what had occurred but he had obviously made an impression as I was greeted with an entirely unexpected attitude when I finally managed to speak to the Manager.

Through Dave’s efforts I was able to remain at work and concentrate on the safety of my passengers while the staff and managers were re-considering their latest decision at the YMCA. At the end of my shift I went to the YMCA, Dave had set up a meeting for me to attend, I was able to plead our Sons case over the next few days and he was allowed to stay at the YMCA. He is still there today and has taken opportunities to improve.

We are extremely grateful to Dave and despite the gentleman’s modesty, without his intervention that day; the outcome would have been very different.

Yours sincerely,

Paul & Penny


I have worked on the railway for aprox 24 yrs in a variety of jobs both passenger and freight.

I became a member of ATCU only 12 months ago after being in a union for 23 yrs. I feel my regional organiser and the ATCU have already done more for me and my fellow colleagues than the other union that I was in for 23 years.

In the 12 months I have been a member of the ATCU they have gone on to resolve a lot of safety issues we have had for months and years. YES, some of the safety issues date back YEARS.

As soon as the ATCU rep became aware of these safety issues they started to deal with them very swiftly and all have now been resolved.

I truly only have good things to say about the ATCU and I truly advise anyone who works on in the railway industry to become a member, YES a MEMBER not just a number.

Put them to the test and you will not be disappointed.

Also you will save money £9.75 a month per member.

But most important you will have someone at the other end of a phone who knows what he/she is talking about and will advise you on what to do - PRICELESS


DB Schenker

Freight Yard Shunter.

Many thanks to all at ATCU

The decision to put a grievance in about my two immediate mangers was one that was not taken lightly; it was a decision that for eight long months was to put enormous stress and strains on both myself and my husband. Luckily for me, a few months before my problems started I had become a member of the ATCU.

The help and support given to me at both local and regional level by fellow members of the ATCU was invaluable, they reassured and encouraged me to carry on with the grievance during my darkest hours.

The tireless efforts by the ATCU reps have enabled me to secure a very positive outcome and those bleak days have now become a distant memory. Thank you.

Jan Southon

Thank You,

I would like to say how great today was, people were looking at the ATCU in action.

Andy Lintott was brilliant and spoke up for me at the MFA. We got a just result.


Pat Fenton

“I was impressed by both Head Office and the Regional Organiser in assisting me in dealing with some recent allegations about my work”.

S Eccles

Thanks to S Trumm, Eastern & Underground Regional Organiser

Last week our depot, was doing a rdw ban. The local level rep told me on Tuesday it was off. Then Thursday it was on again. So I rang Mr Trumm on the Thursday evening and he informed me that it was going to be off on Friday. I don't know how or where he knew this but keep up the good work

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National Express East Anglia Driver

Nice to know there's pleasant human beings on the other end of the phone!

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New member – Northern Rail