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When will I retire? Never, say to one in five Britons

According to a survey conducted by the HSBC, one in five Britons believe that they will never be able to stop working because of shortfalls in their pensions and savings.

The survey called "Age of the Unretired", questioned 16,000 people in 15 countries, with pensioners in Britain  feeling less hopeful about their future prospects than those in other countries around the world where 19% of those asked in the UK expect that they will never be able to afford to retire fully.

In America the figure was 18%, in France and Hong Kong it was 12%, but in Brazil - one of the world's new fast-growing economies - only 5% think they will never retire properly.

It is perhaps not surprising British are so downbeat, with nearly half(49%) of retired people surveyed in the UK who said they have been unable to realise their plans for retirement, believed this was because they have less money to live on than they had envisaged.

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