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ATCU, an accountable and democratic independent Union founded to address the issues affecting all our colleagues and to meet the aspirations of all those working in the rail  industry.


Break the chains of slavery and let your voice be your freedom

A  rail revolution

ATCU is non affiliated, apolitical union, whose function is to carry out the wishes of its members.  This does not mean we are not political. By our very nature we are political but we will not be bound to decisions reached by other parties or influences.

One of the many attributes of ATCU is that we are flexible enough to change, we are not monolithic.

No union can be weighed down by dogma or historic political ideology, otherwise we become trapped in a time warp and blinded to what members are saying

The political climate has changed. Political interests are very different from the time when there was a common ideology and understanding among trade unions and workers parliamentary representatives.

Therefore we need to change. This does not mean we are not political, by our very nature ATCU as a union is political. Although we will not affiliate to a political party ATCU will direct its energy and resources to areas of political interest which will benefit you and your community.

What ATCU will not do is to be fettered by the decisions of others. It will be directed by its members, the people who own the union and are the union.

Tom Mann

First Secretary of the
Independent Labour Party

However, there remain certain values that we must retain and these principles are different to adhering to the political past.

Work colleagues, members, family, friends and the community are what we know and understand.

This does not mean we ignore those who paved the way through their own struggles; quite the opposite, we embrace them and recognise the sacrifices they gave in order that we have a voice. We must never forget those who heroically fought against oppression and the rights of workers.

Ernest Bevin

Tolpuddle Martyrs


GER level crossing and signalman