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Know the Law

The present law on representation at disciplines and grievances allows the employee to request that a colleague or their union representative to be in attendance:

 (Employment Relations Act 1999 s10) and ATCU has many representatives throughout the country who are proficient and have the acumen in representation. ATCU also works with regional solicitors who bring a wealth of experience to the union and members.

ATCU believes in the value of having regional solicitors representing local people. It is they who know the local community and are in constant touch with their surroundings, particularly the local courts. That is why we are always seeking the best representation for our members and are constantly speaking to firms who can bring value to you.

At present we have three law firms, these being Relays Solicitors in the North,

Smiths Partnership in the Midlands and Holmes and Hills in the South.  

But we will not stop there.

ATCU understands how our environment is quickly changing so it is important that we are constantly exploring every avenue that will benefit the members.

Companies are presently including persons with the title of ‘Human Resource Business Partner’ at hearings. So the days of such hearings being taken solely by the local manager are becoming a thing of the past. These HR attendees are people trained or proficient in human resource and therefore have presently some small grasp of employment law (this will become greater in the years to come). It is their role to instruct and advise the managers of the myriad of employment legislation, to ensure that all of the processes are carried out. It will therefore be our role that such advisors also fully comply with the legislative process, as on occasion this union has exposed such people as wanting in their knowledge. This is because our own Regional Organises’ are proficient in employment law.

One of the many future goals for the ATCU is to extend Regional Organiser (ROs) development in employment law and eventually support them towards gaining a degree in law and eventually solicitor status, if they so wish. This opportunity will not only be for ROs but ultimately for the wider membership. In due course it will be the intention that such members would then work for the union within a team of in-house solicitors or as lay advisers throughout the country.

Employment Law Updates

When taking into account whether a person is disabled, should the focus be upon the cause of the person's symptoms or upon their effect i.e. is it the disease or is it the effect of the disease.

Definition of Disability -

Obesity and Functional Overlay