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Grandparents to be included in shared parental leave

At the beginning of this month (October 2015) George Osborne announced plans to include grandparents in a new legal right to take time off to help care for their grandchildren.

Flexible working, nothing much changes

 The right to flexible working was part of the last Labour government’s family friendly policy which assisted families in creating a balance between home and working life and was included into the Employment Rights Act 1996. Part 8A Flexible working’.

Don’t despair, there is help

The vast majority of us have family members or someone who we know that is disabled. To be disabled is a difficult road in life to travel but increasingly the government are making such a journey even more complicated. This is more so when disabled people seek the financial support that helps them live a full and active life that we sometimes, unknowingly, take for granted.

When will I retire? Never, say one in five Britons

According to a survey conducted by the HSBC, one in five Britons believe that they will never be able to stop working because of shortfalls in their pensions and savings.

Raw Deal for Mothers

More than one in four mothers feel they have been discriminated against at work while pregnant or after returning to their job, according to research by the legal firm Slater and Gordon.

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