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3 April 2016

EU or not EU

Several members have questioned why we have not mentioned, discussed or advised on the forthcoming European Union (EU) referendum on 23 June, 2016

The referendum will be one of the biggest political decisions that the electorate has had to face for a generation. It will ultimately define our position on the world stage, be it within Europe or outside. The consequences of either in our out will also have a long-term effect on our society be it positive or negative.

As an individual you will read the papers; listen to the news; talk between friends but ultimately it will be the result of you taking that information to arrive at a conclusion; and each person, be they for or against being a member of the EU, will base their argument and verdict on a multitude of reasons.

I have my own thoughts and reasons which are different to a friend of mine but we actually arrive at the same judgement on this issue. Other friends and family have an opposite view, and to be honest they make some pretty good valid points but I listen to those points to help me come to a final decision.

It is for the above reason that this union would not advise on the forthcoming EU referendum. It is not for this union to make a stance on the benefits or losses of being part of the EU. It is for you, as an individual, to make that choice and whatever you conclude and decide, the only request we make is that you use of your right to vote.